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Unlocking Mental Health Solutions: Reulay’s Algorithmic Approach Enhanced with Blend Media’s Immersive 360 Video Content.

/ 23 days ago

In the ever-evolving landscape of mental health solutions, the intersection of technology and neuroscience is giving rise to innovative approaches. One such pioneer in the field is Reulay, a platform leveraging AI algorithms to curate and deliver mental health solutions. The holiday season, often a time of both joy and stress, can significantly impact mental well-being. Partnering with us at Blend Media, and our leading 360 content licensing platform, Reulay has applied an algorithmic approach to categorize and select 360 content based on groundbreaking neuroscience and clinical research. This strategic collaboration aims to provide users with a curated library of immersive experiences tailored to enhance mental health solutions, particularly during the holidays.

Reulay’s Algorithmic Framework:

Reulay’s algorithmic framework is based on the fact that anxiety presents in different ways for different people and acknowledges that the holiday season can be a source of stress for many, with anxiety presenting in different ways for different people during this time. Basic parameters like heart rate (HR) and heart rate variability (HRV), measured by wearables like Oura, are also impacted differently in different individuals, especially when navigating the holiday hustle and bustle. Given this high degree of variability, Reulay leverages machine learning (ML) to personalize its digital interventions, taking into account the unique stressors that the holiday season can bring. The final product is rooted in the synthesis of neuroscience, machine learning, and psychiatry. By analyzing extensive datasets and drawing insights from validated methodologies, Reulay’s algorithms can categorize 360 content from Blend Media into brain-based categories designed to address mental health concerns. These categories are strategically designed to align with specific therapeutic outcomes, ensuring users receive targeted and effective mental health solutions during a time that can be particularly challenging for many. No more ‘one size fits all.’

Empowering Minds through Innovation: 

Blend Media and Reulay join forces in the dynamic landscape of mental healthcare, where the surge in mental health claims has become a critical concern, the holiday season often exacerbating these challenges. Mental health claims have escalated tenfold in the past three years, emerging as one of the primary healthcare costs for major corporations and healthcare systems. The holiday season, with its added stress and emotional demands, can further compound these issues. In response to this pressing challenge, Reulay has emerged as a beacon of innovation, introducing an AI-driven mental well-being platform that serves as the first point of care for 80% of the population. It is the only multi-platform offering that uses ML.

This groundbreaking solution, validated at the renowned Mayo Clinic, not only offers a cost-effective alternative but also significantly reduces healthcare claims, standing at 1/100th of the standard of care expense. Reulay’s digital platform has demonstrated remarkable efficacy in alleviating anxiety, stress, and enhancing focus. Guided by a seasoned business team with a track record of $1 billion in software exits to industry giants like Google and Facebook, and supported by experts in applied neuroscience, machine learning, and psychiatry from MIT, Princeton, and Harvard, Reulay stands at the forefront of transforming mental healthcare delivery. To back up their formal research, real-world data demonstrates that Reulay is appreciated with an NPS score of 88, and 76% of users experience relief from it. Reulay’s efficacy is not just about stress relief though—it also helps people focus better.

In a strategic move towards even greater impact, Reulay has joined hands with us at Blend Media. This partnership not only brings together cutting-edge technology and world-class talent but also signifies a shared commitment to revolutionizing the understanding of mental health. This collaboration not only leverages Reulay’s advanced AI and algorithmic capabilities, categorizing Blend Media’s immersive content into brain-based experiences, specifically tailored for mental health but actually brings a new possibility of rejuvenation and improved focus to peoples’ lives. Moreover, Reulay’s platform can meticulously measure the impact of these experiences, providing unprecedented insights into mental well-being.

Here's an example of our content offering a captivating snowy cabin scene utilized by Reulay, created by: James Donald.

Blend Media and Reulay: Where understanding meets possibility, art meets science, and personalized well-being takes centre stage, especially during the challenging and emotionally charged holiday season.

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