5 ways XR is being used for Education

Sara Martin / 11 days ago

How many of us remember learning Maths or History in school? How was your experience? It really depended on how engaging the teacher was, right? That was the main thing. I'm sure it still is, but teachers, professors and trainers in companies now ha…

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Do try this at home... in VR.

Simon Brooksbank / 14 days ago

From Icarus and Daedalus of Greek mythology humankind has obsessed about flight. Leonardo da Vinci studied it and drafted hundreds of drawings, the Montgolfier brothers sent animals and then men up in their hot air balloons in 1793, the Wright broth…

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The Metaverse & How To Approach It

Laura Helm / about 2 months ago

The metaverse is still very much on the agenda, although the initial hype and novelty have subsided a little. I think that’s a good thing - now we can get on with creating some awesome work. Here at Blend Media we work with brands and businesses to …

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Project Spotlight: Forever, King of Pop Hologram

Sara Martin / about 2 months ago

SUMMUM Music is a Producer of Musical shows and Tour Promoter from Spain with several decades of experience in the entertainment industry. In 2010 they produced FOREVER, the best musical about THE KING OF POP. The show was a massive success,  and si…

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Project Spotlight: Kings Cross & the 3D Whale

Laura Helm / 2 months ago

Argent LLP develops and manages the Kings Cross Estate which has been completely transformed over the last few years into a hub for creativity, innovation and a destination for shopping and dining. When complete, over 40,000 people will live, work a…

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Project Spotlight: AR Tour Programme

Laura Helm / 4 months ago

We recently worked with Sandbag Merchandise company to create an Augmented Reality (AR) experience for the new Arena production of Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The Worlds.  The tour took place in March and April 2022 with a whole host …

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5 Ways Festivals are using XR

Sara Martin / 4 months ago

The sun is finally here and we can all sense the smell of the Summer, barbeques and Festival season. After a two year hiatus of live events and uncertainty for the live events industry and festivals, physical events are finally back! This time festi…

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