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Talking XR With the Blend Media Community

/ about 1 year ago

Our video series Talking With sees us talk through various different extended reality (XR) topics with some of the industry's leading voices. Covering what's possible in virtual reality, augmented reality, holograms and more we talk through some truly inspiring use cases, as well as touching on adoption attitudes, engagement levels and measurement metrics in immersive tech. With thanks to our guests from our community: Alex Rühl VR Director and Creator; Bram van de Ven, Founder of Arfected; Christian Grou, Owner of Neutral Digital; Ricky Holm, Founder of Chocolate Milk & Donuts (CM&D); Victor Pardinho, Co-Founder and CEO at Sense of Space. Watch their interviews below...

We talk to Alex Rühl about all things Virtual Reality. From inspiration and where she got started, to virtual training and education, and immersive retail experience. Alex is a VR creator and director, TEDx speaker, and one of The Drum's 50 under 30. Alex is also a friend of Blend Media and a creator on our immersive skills marketplace. Alex Makes VR podcast; a new episode every Monday subscribe here.

Bram van de Ven, Founder of Arfected and Blend creator, talks to us about the advancements of immersive technologies, and what that means to the accuracy of garment fitting in Snapchat allowing for virtual try-on and purchase with confidence. Bram shares Arfected latest projects: an augmented reality experience for Ralph Lauren, made in collaboration with Studio ANRK, and a Virtual Try-On project for Lancôme.

Christian Grou, Owner of Neutral Digital, talks to us about the future of retail within the travel environment. We discuss the 'connected travel experience', shares examples of immersive content including the AR-powered lipstick bar in Copenhagen Airport and the Heinemann Locker Station.

Ricky Holm, Founder of Chocolate Milk & Donuts (CM&D) talks to us about the benefits of running training programmes using virtual reality. We discuss what's possible in VR when teaching technical skills, and also how VR can make a lasting impact when it comes to soft skills training. Ricky shares examples from forklift tuck training to virtual laboratory-based science experiments, and empathy building for mental health conditions.

Victor Pardinho, Co-Founder and CEO at Sense of Space talks to us about the uses and benefits of holograms. We discuss how holograms are made and used from the scanning of whole farms to political leaders addressing the world via telepresence. Victor also introduces Sense XR a new platform that opens up the ability to create and edit holograms for the creative industry.

If this has inspired you or you have an immersive project that you'd like to make a reality get started here; or if you're a creator with immersive skills join our marketplace. For all questions or for more information please get in touch.