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Creator Spotlight: Immersive Medium

Simon Brooksbank / 8 months ago

Based in Thailand, Immersive Medium's primary goal is to build and maintain a highly structured and ever-expanding repository of high-quality underwater Virtual Reality Content. Founded by Dimitri Bintein, Dimitri believes the ocean is uniquely posi…

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Buy or Bespoke? 10 considerations for filming 360 cont…

Simon Brooksbank / over 1 year ago

As we begin 2021 we are met with more restrictions on travel, socialising and working together, necessary due to the global pandemic. For a producer needing to shoot that scene of a crowded Oxford Street in London with maskless people, a temple in B…

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Creating a one-of-a-kind Immersive Experience

Simon Brooksbank / over 1 year ago

We recently partnered with M Booth to create the content for an interactive experience for The Macallan. The final project included a 20ftx20ft projected cube, 4D multi-sensory VR experience in New York’s Grand Central Station, enabling visitors to …

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C-Flat360 | 3D Classical Music & Spatial Audio

Simon Brooksbank / over 1 year ago

C-Flat360 is a 360 VR production company based in Prague, Czech Republic who's goal is to expose classical music to the world through 360 VR and spatial audio. During the summer of 2020 they produced a new series of classical performance pieces in 8…


Introducing Our New 360 Content Collections

/ over 3 years ago

As immersive content and the technology driving it develops, we strive to bring you the best 360 content from around the world at prices that everyone can afford. We’ve built the world’s largest library of premium 360 videos and photos created by o…

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Patients Escape to Another Reality

Nick Woodford / about 4 years ago

We have recently seen a rise in the amount of immersive content that’s being licensed from our library for campaigns and projects within the health industry, and as more companies within this space experiment with this content we are seeing stats em…

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Oculus Connect 4: Infinite Potential

Ashley Blurton / over 4 years ago

Last week, I attended Oculus Connect 4 in San Jose, California, with our CEO Damian Collier. It was a fantastic experience and a great opportunity to join a large number of VR enthusiasts from across the globe (over 2,900 according to Oculus' data…

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