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Project Spotlight: AR Game for Product Launch

/ about 1 month ago

Bath & Body Works Arabia is the premier retail destination of fresh, fruity and fun fragrances for body and home across Arabia. It turned to Blend Media to create an extended reality (XR) experience to support its new product launch and drive revenue. Here's how the project unfolded and the experience itself which is live to try via a mobile device.


Bath & Body Works Arabia wanted to support its back to school product promotion by creating an engaging AR-powered game hosted on its Instagram channel. The brief was to help increase brand engagement and product sales with a shareable fun and interactive extended reality (XR) experience.


Following the client's requirement for promoting a safer back-to-school in Riyadh, an augmented reality (AR) game for social media was developed. Blend Media creator Govak Reality leveraged its game development experience to design and develop AR experiences considering all sides of software development (3D art, UI, game design, progression, SFX, VFX, etc.). By continuously communicating with Bath & Body Works, it was able to transform ideas and references into mockups designed for AR. After approving the initial mockups, the development cycle began, implementing game mechanics, designing the main character and its environments. Finally, the overall experience was polished, implementing UI, SFX and VFX. There was also plenty of time testing the experience throughout the whole development process.

“It is a really great experience to work with Blend Media, and Bath & Body Works was a truly awesome client. Everyone was quite thoughtful and quick to provide feedback for the development process,” commented Guilherme Novak, Gorka Reality.

Guilherme Novak, Govak Reality comments, “We believe that AR games are the experiences that truly take advantage of AR, as they are not only visually appealing and immersive, but highly interactive. It might as well become a standard for younger generations to expect all digital content to be fully responsive and interactive.” Try it with your mobile device.

Guilherme Novak, Govak Reality comments, “The project met all of its deadlines, and we were able to implement all features, as well as some ideas of our own.”

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