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Creator Spotlight: Immersive Medium

Simon Brooksbank / over 2 years ago

Based in Thailand, Immersive Medium's primary goal is to build and maintain a highly structured and ever-expanding repository of high-quality underwater Virtual Reality Content. Founded by Dimitri Bintein, Dimitri believes the ocean is uniquely posi…

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C-Flat360 | 3D Classical Music & Spatial Audio | Blend…

Simon Brooksbank / about 3 years ago

C-Flat360 is a 360 VR production company based in Prague, Czech Republic who's goal is to expose classical music to the world through 360 VR and spatial audio. During the summer of 2020 they produced a new series of classical performance pieces in 8…


Blend Media's Hack Day!

James King-Thompson / about 6 years ago

What's a Hack Day? You may be asking. A Hack Day is about brainstorming, exploring new project ideas and determining whether these ideas are feasible or not. It's a great opportunity to take a breather from your day-to-day activities, work closely w…

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