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Project Spotlight: Nurse VR Training

/ 10 months ago

Udus AG is a specialist international recruitment consultancy. Headquartered in Switzerland, the company has offices in India and the UK and is actively working with the healthcare sector in UK and South Africa to provide medical doctors, surgeons and specialist nurses. Precise training is a fundamental element of Udus AG’s offering.


Udus AG wanted to design a nurse training module using virtual reality (VR). The key project objectives were; the ability for the VR scenarios to run without educator supervision and for that purpose it needed an element of assessment built into the project; and secondly, it needed to have some kind of user interface to enable us Udus to do this effectively. This also needed to sit on top of accurate asset creation and realistic user environments.


Anthony Van Graan International Recruitment Director, Udus AG comments: “We used Blend Media to find a talented creator to develop a demonstration. The amount we learned throughout the process was invaluable. VR is new and the market is constantly changing so having access to people working on the cutting edge of VR creation in a single place is very useful."

“The Blend Media team has been very helpful with advice, guidance and suggestions as we were finding our feet which I am very grateful for. Blend Media should be on the radar of anyone doing work in VR,” Van Graan.

Van Graan comments: “The solution allows us to deliver accurate clinical training and assessment of nurses remotely. This creates a lot of freedom and flexibility both for us and our clients and reduces timescales and costs quite significantly.”


Van Graan reflects on the project and Virtual Reality: "We have had a couple of "ah ha" moments and most of these have stemmed from a key starting question which is: "what do we want to use VR for?" and spent a lot of time debating and answering this question in a lot of detail. There is a huge temptation to use VR for the sake of using VR because of the "wow" factor, but you quickly realise that some of this is sparkle over substance and you need to be ruthless in going back to the use case and making sure that the VR intervention is adding value and it does not end up as an intervention in itself. Does it do the job better than the traditional method? If so, how and if not how do we harness the technology to improve the current process? This was core learning for us."

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